A Bell Locks In

blake collins
a bell locks in
the new EP out now
1. mia, my only
2. it’s summer time
3. zoe
4. anticipating loving you again
5. mystery girl

From conception to execution, performance to final mix, music to CD artwork, Blake Collins’ A Bell Locks In is a thoroughly hand-made record. Collins’ debut EP beautifully melds an old-school Rock & Roll attitude that boasts the same sensibility and bravery of The Beatles, The Kinks and E.L.O. with an organic, timeless, DIY dream-pop aesthetic that complements that of Emitt Rhodes, The Shins and Dr. Dog. The result is a pop record that is at once familiar, yet refreshingly unique and unfolding in its intricacies.

From the opening count-in of A Bell Locks In, Collins demonstrates his pop prowess, crafting songs of depth and brevity (as found on records by The Beach Boys, Paul McCartney, Emitt Rhodes and Dr. Dog). He ventures into the subtleties of sonic texture and realms of whimsy, then eschews playfulness for simpler, more condensed rock instrumentations that are blended with lush, cinematic string arrangements, velvety vocal harmonies, haunting melodies, and poetic lyrics that offer fresh pop sensibility and sincerity from one song to the next.

Collins has laid the foundation for his musical career with the release of A Bell Locks In. With a full-length album already in production, listeners can expect more dynamically daring, deep, and irresistibly catchy songs from future work.